People ask every day, what can I do to make the most money when I sell my house? There are always things you can do to update your home whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to sell your home, or you’re an investor looking to do a quick flip. The following upgrades range in costs depending how much you would like to invest.

  • Upgrade your landscape: Trimming your trees adds curb appeal, make sure trees with a lot of under growth are trimmed, make sure no branches are touching the ground, the house, or any electrical lines. Check with your city, some cities will have their crew trim trees out of the way of power lines. Always trim any bushes that are covering your windows or that are overgrown on your house. Add a pop of color with flowering plants, bushes, or trees. Add a flagstone or new concrete pad walkway, fresh mulch, or new planters always add value.

  • Upgrade your flooring, buyers are always looking for hardwoods, or tile in their home. Make sure when installing new flooring you have enough
    material to complete all entertaining spaces.

  • New roof: There are signs to look for when you might need a new roof. Have you noticed missing shingles, shingles starting to curl up, moss growing on your roof. Or the sun is shining through your attic, have you noticed stains on your ceilings or walls or is your energy bill sky high.

  • Patio or deck install: Outdoor spaces add curb appeal. A deck or patio is a very desirable addition, homeowners enjoy entertaining outside. Adding a space outside can give you more bang for your buck.

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Written By Tanya Rogers