As the Christmas Holiday is upon us, we reflect on our Broker’s motto, “Happy Healthy Balance”. We know independently those words have different meanings, but when used in conjunction with each other the meaning takes on an action.

With today’s busy schedule we’re so consumed with going nothing to 90, managing everyone else’s time but our own. Family, friends, parties, baking, clients and working are just a few of what makes us lose track of taking care of ourselves. Hence the motto, "Happy Healthy Balance".

Balancing work time and off work time is an intentional task. When you block your work time and concentrate on work activities you’ll be more productive. Prioritizing your tasks that need to be done by date should make your day more efficient, allowing the off-work time to be less stressful.

Living Healthy, eating right, exercising, spending time outside is a huge stress reliever. When living healthy it changes your attitude and your mood, making you more productive.

In our "Happy Healthy Balance" motto, we find that all these things work together. Once we figure out a balance, being mindful with our health, happiness is just inevitable. Being happy is the extra reward for balancing work and off-work time. Healthy living alleviates extra stress and anxiety.

So during this time of year, enjoy all the small stuff, take time to spend with your family, realizing you’ve prioritized your work. Spend time making memories with your loved ones. Get outside for some fresh air, and be joyful.

In closing, we give thanks to the Lord Our God for all good things in our lives, for our lives are truly great!

From our Broker, Scott and all of us at RE/MAX River Cities, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas, with the hope of an Abundant New Year. Take time to enjoy the little things that life offers you.