More and more people are shopping on-line in the comfort of their homes, in their pj’s while having a cocktail. So much for the hustle and bustle of the malls, the big box stores, not to mention the parking.

With the convenience of online sites offering two-day delivery, one-day delivery, or instant drone drops, there’s really not a point of getting in a motor vehicle, fighting traffic, and raised blood pressures, while arguing with your children over putting their shoes on or stop picking on your sister.

After you’ve clicked that magical button “Place your Order” instant anxiety sets in, and you go from that shopping site to that delivery site tracking the anticipated delivery time. Thoughts of, when will my boxes arrive, where will they put my boxes, who’s going to see all those boxes on my front porch, you’ve become so stressed out that you contemplate calling in sick to work just to wait for the arrival of all your Christmas loot!

You know somewhere in the hall closet you safely stored a security camera that you purchased a couple of seasons ago. You’ve got the perfect spot to hang that camera by the front door, that you can watch via your phone for the safe arrival of your packages. Then there’s that app you must install on your phone, then suddenly you wonder where that cocktail went.

Fortunately, those same delivery companies who are working all hours of the day and night to insure your Christmas loot arrives in time for those little darlings to have pretty packages to open for the morning of December 25th , have also given us important tips on how to keep our deliveries safe. With a sigh of relief of knowing you can safely relax and enjoy your Christmas cheer.

Delivery companies suggest that you consider having your packages:

1. Delivered to your work, (check with your boss first) where you need to show identification to pick them up.

2. Consider an alternate destination, one you know someone will be there to accept the delivery.

3. Request a signature upon delivery.

4. Schedule your delivery for a specific date and time.

5. Request a Vacation Hold, most companies will allow up to a 14-day hold. Check with the company you use.

6. Ask for the driver to knock on your door or ring the door bell so you know they’ve arrived.

These are a few tips to make the season more enjoyable and not filled with anxiety and anticipation.

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Written by Tanya Rogers